About Us


Hotels contribute to your overall travel experience, or at least they should. YAMBI is your home away from home, your tour guide; your grandma’s kitchen with cookies; and your zen rehab; all in one place. We are here to make your stay memorable and we don’t rest until our guests say hakuna matata.

YAMBI is a charming boutique hotel located in a beautiful residential suburb in Kigali city.  Enjoy high-speed internet in all rooms, expect lots of tourist info from our enthusiastic staff, check out our library of travel guide books or simply play your favourite music in the chill-out coffee lounge.

YAMBI offers 10 cosy rooms, each with its own unique design and a relaxing atmosphere with colourful garden and a spectacular view of Rwanda’s green hills. Wi-fi and continental breakfast are included in our prices. Laundry and airport shuttle services available. For those traveling with a big group, please email booking@yambihotel.com for us to arrange an adequate reservation.

What Our Guests Say